2,500BC Henge Animation

Film iconDownload an animation showing the henge (requires QuickTime).

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2 Responses to 2,500BC Henge Animation

  1. Ric says:


    may i ask why there is no overall context for the henge please? is the horseshoe enclosure the same as the henge? why is it not possible to gain a working overview of the Heathrow dig site? for such a major site the paucity of information on the net really is shocking – i would much rather see a clear 2D plan of the monuments and their relationship to one another than these high tech animations which entertain but convey the minimum of information: this really is not good enough!


  2. admin says:

    Dear Ric,

    You might have missed the “Evidence” link at the top of the page. From there, you can download the entire archaeological dataset contained within a free software viewer, as well as specialist reports.

    It contains all of the 2D plans and sections as well as photographs.

    I trust that this will quench your thirst for the detail upon which these visualisations are based.

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